Silent Hill-inspired psychological horror game Mirror Forge is out now

Gare – Friday, December 9, 2022 1:31 PM
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Mirror Forge, a first-person psychological horror game inspired by Silent Hill and Stranger Things, has launched on PC. Created by solo developer MystiveDev, the project invites players on a nightmarish journey across alternative realities made of “fear, madness & machinery” and blends elements of psychological horror with splashes of sci-fi. The game’s storyline follows a man named Thomas Jackson, whose life takes an unexpectedly tragic turn when his drunk driving puts his girlfriend, Jill, in a coma and results in the death of their unborn child. Years later, when Thomas attempts to reach out to a now-recovered Jill, he finds that she had disappeared while investigating a case of missing children and a place called Devil’s Womb Canyon. Sounds pretty ominous.

Watch the launch trailer below:

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