Silent Hill-esque indie horror Mirror Forge gets new trailer, launches this September

Gare – Tuesday, June 7, 2022 1:33 PM
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Mirror Forge, a first-person psychological horror game inspired in large part by Stranger Things and the iconic Silent Hill franchise, will be debuting in September with the help of publisher DreadXP, came a recent announcement. Set to feature everything you’d want in a richly fleshed-out horror game, from alternate dimensions to sanity-bending terrors, Mirror Forge stars one Thomas Jackson, whose drunk driving leaves his girlfriend Jill in a coma and their unborn child dead. Years later, Thomas is unable to reach out to his now ex-girlfriend, and instead finds himself confronted with a bizarre case of mysteriously vanished children and a place called Devil’s Womb Canyon. The game makes no secret of its inspirations, but that’s probably a good thing here – the Silent Hill vibes are very much evident, and the storyline does seem to set up a narrative dealing with trauma, personal horrors and plenty of symbolism. We’re looking forward to how it turns out, and in the meantime, here’s a new trailer:

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