Shiny Korean MMORPG Black Desert Online out now in the west

Gare – Saturday, March 5, 2016 10:58 AM
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You may remember Black Desert Online as the Korean MMORPG with a character creator that brought customization to a whole new level, all the while allowing you to create the prettiest characters the MMO world has ever seen. Said character creator was also released as a standalone program a while back for players to fiddle around with, and the game even got a closed beta test late last year. The wait is now over, though – Black Desert is officially available in North America and Europe as of March 3. The game comes in two packages: the Explorer’s Package for €29.99, as well as the Traveler’s Package for €49.99 – both give you various bonuses, except the more expensive package naturally comes with more – including a horse mount –, the details of which are all available on the official site.

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