Shadowrun to return once again to Kickstarter in January 2015

Gare – Thursday, December 18, 2014 2:40 PM
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Recently, the Shadowrun RPG series has been quite fond of returning, and in all honesty, I’m more than happy to welcome it back with open arms every single time. After its first big return in July 2013 with Shadowrun Returns, we got an excellent expansion in the form of Shadowrun: Dragonfall and its extended Director’s Cut (here’s our review of the latter, by the way), and now, there’s… well, something else in the making. Something new, that is. Its identity is still shrouded in mystery – what we do know, though, is that it’s going to be a new Shadowrun project launching on Kickstarter in January of 2015. This is pretty much all that developer Harebrained Schemes decided to reveal at the moment (really, all we have is a single image), so our best bet for now is to keep a close eye on their official page as January looms ever closer.

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