Shadowrun Returns expansion Dragonfall set for January

Gare – Thursday, November 21, 2013 1:55 PM
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Shadowrun Returns, having promptly returned this summer, is now announcing its brand new expansion called Shadowrun: Dragonfall, an adventure that will take players to the dark and grim streets of Berlin.

The new locale will also consequently offer a completely new story campaign, along with new characters, weapons and side quests to sink our teeth into. Additional features include new enemies to encounter such as gargoyles and fire drakes, as well as a wider selection of character portraits to choose from. The original game’s save system, having been met with a fan outcry, was also redesigned to allow players to save wherever they wish during the campaign instead of being locked to fixed checkpoints.

The editor will see a number of improvements coming its way as well, giving more freedom to creators and players alike. Such features include the ability to track quest objectives on the main UI, place explosive barrels or input keypad passwords or short text strings in conversations.

Dragonfall will become available next January for roughly 15 dollars on Windown, OSX and Linux platforms, while those not currently owning the original will be able to purchase it, along with the Berlin expansion, for $25.

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