Secure, contain, protect – SCP: Secret Files launches on September 13

Gare – Friday, August 26, 2022 11:21 PM
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Developer GameZoo Studio and publisher Pixmain have revealed a September 13 launch date for SCP: Secret Files, an immersive adventure game based on the SCP Foundation phenomenon. Centered around a secretive organization whose mission is to protect mankind from a large variety of hostile, otherworldly entities, the game will serve as a unique anthology of five stories, each presented with different gameplay mechanics and visual styles, from pixel art and cel-shading to gritty realism. Although sure to please existing fans of SCP lore, with its inclusion of fan-favorite creatures and anomalies, the game also promises to be a solid entry point for newcomers to experience what the SCP universe has to offer. Here’s a trailer:

SCP: Secret Files will be available on PC.

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