Secrets of Raetikon – where you fly like a bird and explore a mysterious world

Gare – Saturday, April 12, 2014 9:01 PM
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Secrets of RaetikonPlatform: PC, OS XGenre: Action-adventureDeveloper: Broken RulesPublisher: Broken RulesRelease: 04/17/2014Gamers may soon fully uncover the mysteries that lurk in the Alps in the upcoming open world action-adventure, Secrets of Raetikon. According to developer Broken Rules, Raetikon is an „action-focused exploration game” set in a lush sandbox wilderness that possesses its own tight ecosystem and reacts to the player’s actions. The tiny hero of the tale is an exotic bird capable of swiftly flying across various areas, while the gameplay itself is, I would say, most reminiscent of the classic metoidvania formula where a massive, multi-level area must be explored – its puzzles solved and dangers evaded – in order to get forward in the storyline. During our journey through the lands, every object will be interactable through the game’s physics system – “trees, rocks, plants and animals – everything is physics based and can be grabbed and dragged around”, says Broken Rules.

The game is currently in its Early Access state with bugs and inconsistencies here and there. It also doesn’t really have an ending yet. That, however, will change with the official release coming on April 17.

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