Sci-fi survival game Forever Skies gets an extended trailer featuring high-tech gadgets

Gare – Tuesday, March 29, 2022 12:57 PM
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Developer Far From Home has unveiled a brand-new extended trailer for Forever Skies, its upcoming sci-fi survival game about a scientist returning to a post-apocalyptic Earth covered by a deadly, poisonous dust. With the use of high-tech gadgetry and your very own futuristic airship, you’ll be able to explore the remains of civilization in search of clues, information and materials – and it’s exactly these tools and gadgets that the latest trailer attempts to show off. Break down what you find in the environment to gain useful materials, which can then be used to craft a variety of things (including entire rooms), or scan long-abandoned terminals to access and reverse-engineer old technology. As shown in the trailer, the hostile weather can also do damage to your ship, and during these times of crisis, you need to once again rely on your tools to administer lightning-fast repairs. It’s a dangerous world out there, and it gets even more dangerous below the surface of the dust.

Watch the trailer below to see all this in action:

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