Sci-fi horror game The Voidness is launching later this week

Gare – Wednesday, April 5, 2023 3:12 PM
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Get ready to get scared – The Voidness, an upcoming sci-fi horror game that aims to terrify you with things you can barely see, will be launching later this week: on April 7, to be precise. Set inside a void that’s filled only with darkness and gloom, the game will force players to rely on their trusty range scanners in order to map out their surroundings and find their way around the creepy facility they’ll have to explore. Now, if the darkness alone was the only thing to worry about, this wouldn’t be much of a horror game, so do expect to be hunted by enemies as well – the kind that can actually hear you through your microphone, so remember: no sneezing or loud breathing when you’re trying to hide from them. They will know.

Here’s a trailer:

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