Sci-fi action RPG Batora: Lost Haven will get a free playable prologue next week

Gare – Tuesday, February 15, 2022 10:27 PM
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Developer Stormind Games and publisher Team17 have announced an upcoming playable demo for sci-fi action-RPG Batora: Lost Haven, which will be available between February 21 and 28 as part of Steam’s latest Next Fest event. Starring Avril, a naive young girl who nonetheless happens to be Earth’s last hope for salvation, the game will take players across a multitude of colorful, awe-inspiring alien worlds in search of a way to save their home planet from ruin. Batora promises non-linear storytelling in a retro sci-fi-inspired universe where each decision affects the fate of the world while also influencing Avril’s own personality; battles, meanwhile, utilize a unique blend of hack & slash and twin-stick shooter mechanics in order to keep would-be players on their toes.

Batora: Lost Haven will be launching this year for PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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