Sci-fi RPG Insomnia: The Ark has you survive on a space station

Gare – Wednesday, May 30, 2018 5:16 PM
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Upcoming sci-fi action-RPG Insomnia: The Ark may be a game worth keeping an eye on: set on a massive metropolis of a space station called Object 6, the game puts you in the role of a protagonist suffering from a psychological disease hoping to uncover the truth behind humanity’s search for a new home, as well as the so-called Evacuation Point. Offering rich customization via a perk system and meaningful choices with several points of no return, Insomnia will allow you to explore its retro-futuristic world as you see fit. It’ll feature a real-time battle system operating with both melee and ranged combat, but the enemies you face won’t be the only things to hinder your adventure: by borrowing elements from survival games, Insomnia will also implement things like hunger, thirst, and fatigue. The game is running its first closed beta test for Kickstarter backers on May 31, with the full version set to launch sometime later this year.


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