Satirical soulslike The Last Hero of Nostalgaia gets developer diaries before its October 19 launch

Gare – Monday, October 17, 2022 4:58 PM
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The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, a lovingly satirical take on the classic soulslike formula, has received several developer diary videos that delve into various aspects of what makes the project stand out among its peers. Over the course of multiple behind-the-scenes videos, developer Over the Moon explains why Nostalgaia plays like a true souslike, touching upon topics such as lore, level design, combat, and – of course – the game’s handling of co-op multiplayer.

Nostalgaia will whisk you away to a realm of videogames – a world, sadly, on the brink of destruction; however, when a literal pixel hero rises to change the tide, a ray of hope is born. Featuring fluid and challenging combat, vast, interconnected levels ripe for exploration, and a cynical narrator that wants you to fail at every turn, The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is shaping up to be a rather unique take on a beloved genre. It will launch for PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One on October 19. There’s also a free demo currently available to download from Steam.

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