SWAT4-inspired tactical FPS Ready or Not gets a publisher

Gare – Thursday, March 25, 2021 3:55 PM
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In a recent announcement, Void Interactive have revealed that they’ve signed a partnership with Team17 in order to publish their upcoming first-person tactical FPS, Ready or Not. In the game, players control a squad of highly-trained SWAT operatives and will have to tackle – as well as successfully de-escalate – a variety of dangerous situations with all the tactical tools at their disposal… while also making sure to perform all the necessary arrests and rescue innocent civilians. Now, if that sounds an awful lot like something out of tactical FPS darling SWAT4 – well, it’s probably not a coincidence. Which is good, because let’s be honest, we’re probably long overdue a new SWAT-like game.

Here’s a trailer to make the similarities all the more obvious:


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