Runa, a colorful fantasy RPG inspired by genre classics, will be heading to Kickstarter soon

Gare – Friday, April 12, 2024 2:28 PM
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Developer Fennec Studio has announced Runa, a game very much inspired by classic JRPGs – and it’ll be heading to Kickstarter, too. The premise alone should be nostalgic enough: players will embark on a grandiose journey across a majestic fantasy world peppered with sci-fi elements, hoping to uncover its many secrets while getting entangled in all sorts of adventures. As you would expect, Runa utilizes a traditional turn-based battle system and will have a total of seven playable characters, each of which can be freely swapped in and out during combat, thus allowing for plenty of careful strategizing. Those more interested in the social aspects of JRPGs will also have much to look forward to, as the project will feature a relationship system with several potential characters available as romantic partners, as well as a base building mode for players hoping to flex their creative muscles. Here’s a trailer to give you a glimpse of the game’s vibrant world:

Runa is currently up on Steam if you’d like to wishlist it, and will be heading to Kickstarter on April 16.

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