Romantic sci-fi RPG Haven reveals some gameplay footage

Gare – Wednesday, July 10, 2019 4:44 PM
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Furi developer The Game Bakers have, for the first time, revealed some gameplay footage from their upcoming romantic sci-fi RPG, Haven. The game is about a pair of lovers who escape to an abandoned planet together, and chronicles their daily lives as they try to get by in their new environment. Based on the developers’ description, Haven comes across as a relaxed, atmospheric experience that can be enjoyed either alone or in co-op; it will also feature a battle system where you control both characters at the same time and have to issue commands by holding down buttons and releasing them at the right time. In any case, do check out the trailer to get a taste of the project’s laid-back atmosphere:

Haven is being planned for PC, PS4 and Switch and will be available sometime in 2020.



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