Roguelite-inspired survival horror Toxicant launches July 24 on Early Access

Gare – Thursday, July 9, 2020 4:08 PM
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Developer Cosmocat Games has announced a July 24 release date for the Early Access version of survival horror game Toxicant. Formerly titled Undermine, the game has you explore a haunted mining complex where every level is randomly generated, thus offering a unique mix of classic survival horror gameplay and roguelite elements. Players have to scavenge the mining tunnels for food, useful items and potential weapons in their quest for survival, but there’s also a variety of notes and documents to uncover that shed some light on the sinister storyline of the game. Of course, a creepy mine also needs its very own boogeymen, so if you thought you wouldn’t get chased around by a bunch of zombie-looking monsters, well… I have bad news.

In any case, here’s a trailer to give you an idea of the level of spooky to expect from the game:


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