Roguelike RPG The Hand of Merlin receives its latest content update

Gare – Thursday, February 17, 2022 9:14 PM
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The Hand of Merlin, the unique roguelike RPG that mixes elements of Arthurian legend with sci-fi horror, has launched its sixth and latest content update titled Whispers of Doom. The new patch, among other things, updates the game’s visual effects for heroes and enemies in order to better represent the sci-fi elements of the game. It also adds brand-new questlines for those looking for a challenge: these legendary encounters also come with their own legendary rewards, as well as a new Guardian Core and 9 new spells. Whispers of Doom also features some quality of life improvements, such as various bugfixes, as well as the ability to choose between two types of easy mode: easy story and easy roguelike.

The Hand of Merlin’s Early Access version was reviewed positively by our very own Dracolich, who applauded it for its unique setting and challenging gameplay; the full version is currently slated to launch this spring.


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