Roguelike JRPG Mistrogue: Mist and the Living Dungeons launches in Early Access

Gare – Tuesday, April 25, 2023 4:16 PM
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MISTROGUE: Mist and the Living DungeonsPlatform: Windows, macOSGenre: Action, RPG, StrategyDeveloper: Polyscape Inc.Publisher: Polyscape Inc.Release: 04/24/2023Developer Polyscape Inc. has launched its anime-style roguelike action game, Mistrogue: Mist and the Living Dungeons. Available now via Steam Early Access, the game features a variety of “living dungeons”– labyrinths that shift and change on the fly as a way to constantly keep you on your toes. That said, by making use of the so-called Maze Stone in their possession, players are able modify the layout of dungeons to their liking to try and turn the tide in their favor, but be careful: due to the roguelike elements of the game, dying during exploration means losing some of the money and items you’ve obtained. Right now, the Early Access version of the game that’s just launched includes three dungeons to explore, with the full release slated to release this fall. A Switch port is also currently being planned.

Watch the launch trailer below:

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