Risen’s third installment is on the way

Gare – Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:45 PM
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The latest episode in the open-world fantasy RPG series, subtitled Titan Lords, is seemingly going to pretend that the pirate-y venture that was Risen 2: Dark Waters never happened and will proceed to return to the series’ Gothic-inspired roots. And let’s just say that we don’t mind this turn of events at all. Risen is generally known by fans as the so-called spiritual successor to the once-famous fantasy RPG series Gothic – this comes as no surprise, however, considering that the team behind both series is one and the same: Piranha Bytes. Risen’s first episode was released all the way back in 2009 on PC and Xbox 360, and offered a fairly satisfying semi-open world fantasy experience in the vein of Gothic 2. As its sequel, Dark Waters, was met with somewhat more negative criticism than its predecessor, we can only hope that Risen 3 cutting ties with the swashbuckling setting of the previous installment is a positive omen for the series’ future.

Piranha Bytes have also confirmed that the game will be coming out both on PC and consoles this August.


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