Reverse a demonic ritual in co-op survival horror game Devour, launching later this month

Gare – Monday, January 11, 2021 9:14 PM
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Devour, a co-op survival horror game from indie studio Straight Back Games, will be haunting PCs near you on January 28, the team recently announced. Though available in single player as well, Devour is primarily designed around the idea of 2 to 4 players working together to stop a possessed cult leader before she drags them all down to hell. In order to reverse the ritual, players must build a fire and capture sacrificial goats while also fending off both the possessed cult leader, as well as the many otherworldly creatures summoned by the demon Azazel. Individual sessions require precise coordination and supposedly take about an hour to complete, with each new playthrough randomizing item and goat locations to keep things fresh – and you on your toes.

Here’s some gameplay footage to get you in the mood:

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