Retro-style JRPG Chained Echoes will be launching on December 8

Gare – Wednesday, November 9, 2022 2:36 PM
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Chained Echoes, a nostalgic pixel art JRPG from Matthias Linda and publisher Deck13 is gearing up for a December 8 launch, as revealed by a new trailer. Taking inspiration from JRPG classics of the 16-bit era, Chained Echoes promises a world-spanning fantasy adventure starring heroes who take up arms in order to try and stop a war between three kingdoms. It’s set to feature a campaign roughly 30 to 40 hours in length, turn-based combat that will make you reminisce about your favorite SNES RPGs, a skill and equipment system for all your customization needs and, of course, your very own airship… as well as piloted mechs that you can also ride to battle. Because why not.

Sound good? It sure does, so here’s the aforementioned trailer for your viewing pleasure:

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