Resident Evil-inspired survival horror game You Will Die Here Tonight launches this Halloween

Gare – Friday, October 6, 2023 7:55 PM
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You Will Die Here Tonight, a survival horror game very clearly paying homage to the first ever Resident Evil, will be launching on October 31, developer Spiral Bound Interactive has announced. In it, players will be thrown right into an exceedingly dangerous mission, having to lead the elite squad of the Aries Division into a creepy, 19th century mansion that, you guessed it, just so happens to be infested with zombies and various other nightmarish creatures. Mixing a top-down viewpoint for exploration with first-person combat, You Will Die Here Tonight adds a new spin to the classic formula, but the basics remain the same – fight, survive, and press on even as your teammates meet their end, but keep in mind that their actions and decisions will have an effect (both positive and negative) on your current playthrough. Here’s a trailer:

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