Resident Evil-inspired Fear the Dark Unknown: Chloe prepares for May launch

Gare – Wednesday, April 22, 2020 3:55 PM
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If you’re in the mood for a healthy dose of classic, Resident Evil-inspired survival horror, you’ve come to the right place: developer Dreamlight Games Studios has all the spooky mansions and fixed camera angles you could ever need. Their upcoming project, titled Fear the Dark Unknown: Chloe, will invite players to the mysterious Beresford Mansion – Chloe, the titular protagonist travels there at the behest of her father, hoping to unearth the truth regarding the death of her mother. And let’s just say that if the game’s latest trailer is any indication, she’s in for one bone-chilling adventure. Fear the Dark Unknown: Chloe offers a roughly 15-hour-long campaign with all the staples of the genre: plenty of tense fight-or-flight situations, the need for constant ammo conservation, and a host of mind-bending puzzles to solve while exploring the twisting halls of the mansion.

Fear the Dark Unknown: Chloe is set to release on May 1, and will be offered with a 30% discount during the first week following its launch.

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