Resident Evil 3 producers discuss what to expect from the upcoming remake

Gare – Wednesday, January 8, 2020 6:34 PM
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In case you missed December’s big announcement, allow us to break it to you: Resident Evil 3 is getting a full-fledged remake and will be out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this April – what’s more, it will also include the multiplayer game Resident Evil: Resistance. Famitsu has recently published an interview with producers Masao Kawada and Peter J. Fabiano, both of whom answered a variety of questions about the hotly-anticipated survival horror remake. Here are the key points of what they shared:

  • The main themes of the game include the fear of being hunted, escape, Jill’s strength and beauty and the terrifying nature of Nemesis, the so-called “pursuer”. Resident Evil: Resistance also works with the main theme of “escape”.

  • RE3 and Resistance are not dependent on each other and have no connection whatsoever: they’re two individual titles in the same package, so feel free to start with whichever you prefer.

  • RE3 will feature more altered elements compared to RE2’s remake; it will feel fresh even to people familiar with the original game. Chronologically, though, it’s the same as the original: the story of RE3 begins before RE2 but ends after the events of RE2 had already happened.

  • Development is roughly 90% complete, so the team is confident there will be no delays.

  • Jill’s new look was carefully designed to make sure she gives off the same feel as in the original; however, due to RE3 being more action-packed compared to RE2, her outfit was altered to reflect that.

  • Carlos may look different, but he’s still largely a character who loves to joke around and is actually kind-hearted deep down inside.

  • Brad’s circumstances have changed quite a bit compared to the original; he’s now working alongside other surviving STARS members.

The full interview is available here in Japanese.


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