Resident Evil 0 HD remaster gets Wesker Mode

Gare – Wednesday, September 2, 2015 12:10 AM
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Capcom announced back in May of this year that Resident Evil 0 – a prequel story taking place before the events of the original Resident Evil – would be getting the HD remaster treatment. As you may remember, determined medic Rebecca Chambers would team up with an escaped fugitive by the name of Billy Coen to survive the many horrors that lurk in the night – Capcom, however, has something new up its sleeve with the HD version. Namely, a so-called Wesker Mode: here, Rebecca partners up with Albert Wesker (the infamous antagonist of the series) in a special game mode, allowing for an entirely new gameplay experience. It includes shooting lasers from your eyes, so there’s that.

For a more direct demonstration, do check out the video below.

Capcom has also announced a physical bundle including both RE0 and the RE1 remake for PS4 and Xbox One titled the Resident Evil Origins Collection. The bundle will be released on January 19 in North America, and on January 22 in Europe.

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