Relaxing puzzle-platformer Hoa shows off over 7 minutes of gameplay footage

Gare – Wednesday, March 17, 2021 1:40 PM
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Hoa, an upcoming puzzle-platformer developed by Skrollcat Studio, has a new gameplay video out that offers a roughly 7-minute look into the unique world of the game. Announced in late 2020, Hoa transports you into a serene, picturesque world inhabited by all sorts of woodland creatures from bouncy larvae to friendly beetles, and as the video itself demonstrates, you’ll even have to rely on their help from time to time in order to progress. Need to get up a cliff but you can’t jump high enough? Become friends with a rhinoceros beetle and use him as a platform, or jump on the back of a bouncy larva – quite literally named Bouncy – and soar through the air with reckless abandon. Whatever floats your boat, you know? Either way, do have a look at the video below:

Hoa will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in April, 2021.

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