Read the memories of objects you touch in indie puzzle-adventure Unreal Life, out now

Gare – Friday, November 20, 2020 4:37 PM
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Unreal Life, a puzzle-adventure game from indie developer hako life, is now available in English. Originally released in Japanese back in May, the game stars a young girl called Hal who wakes up in a strange town without any of her memories – and to make matters even stranger, the only friendly face to greet her is an AI-equipped talking traffic light. Thrust into a peculiar situation with no memories to aid her, Hal nonetheless possesses one crucial skill: the ability to read the memories of every object she touches. By solving the game’s many puzzles and comparing past to present, she’ll be able to get closer to the truth – and hopefully, her memories as well.

Unreal Life is now available on Switch and PC via Steam.

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