Rain World – Supercute Slugcat in the rain

Gare – Tuesday, January 21, 2014 11:47 PM
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We have seen many a game sporting delicately designed pixel-graphics, there is little doubt regarding this. How many of these games actually utilized a cross between a snail and cat as their protagonist, on the other hand, would be more problematic. If we had to guess, we would go with „no game at all” – at least until this very year.

And so, Rain World sets out to have this highly adorable creature of questionable origin as its primary character – an agile slugcat and its potential companions, merely trying to fend themselves in the rainy apocalypse. At first glance, the game’s fluid animations and gloomy world very much remind us of the 1991 classic Out of this World (Another World in Europe), which, in itself, is already a promising. According to the basic setup provided by the developers, the game is set in a world with a ruined ecosystem, its grim wastelands constantly assaulted by dangerous rain – as such, most creatures spend their days in hibernation, only venturing out into the while on select few occasions to look for resources. The player-controlled slugcat is one such creature as well, armed only with its unusual agility and quick wit in order escape from and evade fellow predators in a hostile environment where only the strongest, most cunning creatures can succeed.

The developers tell us that Rain World’s gameplay is going to very much mirror the cat-mouse relationship between various predators that is inherent to the setting itself. Players –with up to 3 other co-op partners – will have to advance by overcoming environmental obstacles all while swiftly but carefully evading creatures that might pose a potential threat. Much emphasis will be placed on enemy AI, the developers explained, in order to replicate a feeling of being hunted by a pack of clever and deadly predators.

Rain World is still fairly early in its Kickstarter career – nonetheless, its initial funding goal had already been reached and surpassed in only a matter of days. The game is currently expected to release at the end of the year, sometime in December, launching on both PC and Mac platforms.


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