Race against the clock in sci-fi adventure game The Time I Have Left

Gare – Monday, April 4, 2022 6:32 PM
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Developer GROUND Game Atelier have announced The Time I Have Left, a „time-driven escape adventure with RPG elements” that opens with a rather grim twist – you only have 6 hours left to live. Faced with the prospect of her own demise, protagonist Aline must uncover the truth behind a seemingly deserted underground complex called Colony 7, as well as the phenomenon known only as The Miasma. The Time I Have Left will feature a turn-based battle system, vibrant, surreal sci-fi environments, as well as a host of mysteries and environmental puzzles to solve – but remember, your life is on the line, and only six hours remain. The clock is always ticking.

Watch the announcement trailer below:

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