Psychological horror game Reveil gets a new gameplay trailer

Gare – Monday, June 19, 2023 3:36 PM
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Developer Pixelsplit and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have given us a new gameplay trailer for Reveil, an upcoming psychological horror game. In it, players will have to dive deep into the psyche of Walter Thompson, a man who one day wakes up with a splitting headache and a distinct lack of answers – what’s more, his mind keeps drifting back to his days as a stage builder at a circus. With his wife and daughter seemingly gone and the line between reality and imagination constantly blurring, he now has to explore his bizarre surroundings, overcome various obstacles and make sense of the dark visions and memory fragments that keep haunting him. Players can expect five acts with distinct locations, a mind-bending narrative to untangle, and imagery inspired by the circus era of the 1960s – here’s the new trailer to give you a brief taste:

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