Promising Indie Game Releases – March 2023 – Sins and spells and soulslikes

Gare – Wednesday, March 1, 2023 2:41 PM
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Welcome to GTOGG’s March 2023 edition of Promising Indie Game Releases, where we highlight indie and non-mainstream titles that we believe deserve your attention – in other words, “look at all this potentially cool stuff you might’ve missed otherwise”. That would’ve been too long for a title, though.

In any case, let’s get right down to it.

9 Years of Shadows

9 Years of Shadows is a pixel art Soulslike action-RPG that tells the story of a world plunged into darkness, struck by a corruption that robbed people of joy, color and hope. It’s up to a young warrior called Europa, as well as her faithful bear companion Apino, to venture into the depths of Talos Castle and stop the curse once and for all.

Meg’s Monster

Set in the Underworld, a realm populated by monsters and mutants, Meg’s Monster stars an unlikely pair – the little girl Meg and an ogre called Roy. Here’s where things get interesting, though: if Meg gets frightened and starts crying, it will literally cause the end of the world. The apocalypse, if you will. So, with no other choice left, Roy and Meg set off on a journey to try and find the girl’s mother, all the while making sure to keep her sufficiently comfortable and thus prevent the skies from raining fire. You know: simple, easy stuff.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken

Bleak Faith: Forsaken seems to give you exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a soulslike action-RPG with all the usual characteristics of the genre: challenging boss fights, a large, interconnected world of mystery and danger, and various playstyles to experiment with as you make your way through stunning area after stunning area. It does look mighty promising, hence its inclusion on our list – its art style is lovely to look at, with its mixture of futuristic and medieval elements, and the footage I’ve seen is similarly keeping me hopeful about its combat system in particular.

The Last Spell

Described as a mix between tactical RPGs and roguelites, The Last Spell will have you control a group of heroes fighting against an invasion of monsters in order to protect the mages as they attempt to cast the so-called Last Spell and save all of mankind. Prepare your defenses and rebuild your safe haven during the day, because night will soon fall, and you’ll have to contend with an army of relentless abominations that want nothing more than to break you.

Saga of Sins

Described as an “unholy action-adventure”, Saga of Sins immediately caught my attention with its medieval, stained glass-inspired art style and colorful visuals, but there’s more to the game than that. Players will take on the role of the cleric Cecil, who possesses a unique gift – by taking on the form of various demonic creatures, he can enter the minds of people in an attempt to fight the seven deadly sins and save the village of Sinwell from corruption.


DREDGE is a fishing game, but not just any old fishing game. Sure, you get your boat, which you can upgrade, and you do have to fish and then sell your catch to the locals. But there’s more to it than that: the so-called Marrows – the archipelago serving as the game’s setting – harbor some dark secrets, and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of them… and live to tell the tale. What could possibly go wrong?

And that’s our list for now! Did you discover a new indie game to look forward to? Well, we hope you did. In any case, don’t forget to check back in about a month for our next episode, where we’ll be taking a look at the indie games of April 2023!

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