Promising Indie Game Releases – April 2024 – Lovecraftian terrors and retro futuristic adventures

Gare – Friday, April 5, 2024 4:47 PM
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Welcome to GTOGG’s April 2024 edition of Promising Indie Game Releases, where we highlight indie and non-mainstream titles that we believe deserve your attention – in other words, “look at all this potentially cool stuff you might’ve missed otherwise”. That would’ve been too long for a title, though.

In any case, let’s get right down to it.


As any work based on H.P. Lovecraft’s legacy, DESOLATIUM, too, will guide you into a world of inexplicable otherworldly beings, ritualistic murders and countless existential questions that might unravel your very sanity. Players will control four main characters as they search for a missing friend while investigating mysterious events, and must make choices that can have devastating consequences – in fact, the game comes with various different endings based on how you conduct your investigation and what decisions you make along the way.

No Rest for the Wicked

Set in a colorful yet endlessly dangerous fantasy world, No Rest for the Wicked begins with the news that the king is dead, with his arrogant son Magnus taking over as the new monarch. If that alone wasn’t enough, the realm is being tormented by an unholy plague called the Pestilence that corrupts everything and everyone in its way. As political strife rages on within the kingdom, you, a holy warrior known as a Cerim, must use everything in your power to stop the dreaded Pestilence.

Broken Roads

Set in a post-apocalyptic version of Australia, Broken Roads is described as a heavily narrative-driven RPG where characters are shaped not by their classes, but their philosophies, such as Humanist, Utilitarian, Machiavellian or Nihilist. It also features a unique morality system in the form of an in-game Moral Compass that is continuously affected and influenced by your decisions, and will thus play a key role in shaping your characters.

Phantom Fury

A sequel to 2019’s Ion Fury, Phantom Fury sees the return of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison many years after the events of the first game, in an adventure that’s described as a mixture of road movies and classic first-person shooters. Brought out of a coma by an old colleague and armed with a fancy new bionic arm, Shelly will journey across the US, fighting a great variety of enemies while using everything in her power to save mankind’s future. P.S. You can pilot a helicopter in this game. Yup.

Pine Harbor

There are a couple of things in horror games that immediately get me interested in a given project: creepy, abandoned buildings and fog-covered forests are definitely on my list, and Pine Harbor appears to feature both. Set in a small town struck by a technological disaster, the game will have you fight for survival as you meet the locals – some of which aren’t exactly friendly. As in, they’re monsters.

Footgun: Underground

Waking up in a strange, post-apocalyptic world with no recollection of who they are or how they got there, our lone hero realizes something very important: that he has a cybernetic leg and a trusty (as well as deadly) ball at his disposal. You guessed it right: said soccer ball is going to be your primary weapon when fighting the numerous nasties lurking about in the underground depths – kick it, master it, upgrade it, and nothing will stand in your way.

Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut, a charming narrative game from developer Slow Bros, will take you to a retro sci-fi future where mankind has left Earth in a massive, ark-like spaceship to find a new, more habitable planet. However, things aren’t going well: the ship – called the FEDORA I – is stuck within an alien ocean, with seemingly no hopes of actually completing its mission. Harold, the titular protagonist and a lab assistant to the ship’s lead scientist, Jeanne Mareaux, finds himself entangled in a series of adventures that just might play a key role in re-launching the ship and giving humanity a proper future...

And that’s our list for now! Did you discover a new indie game to look forward to? Well, we hope you did. In any case, don’t forget to check back in about a month for our next episode, where we’ll be taking a look at the indie games of May 2024!

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