Project Downfall developer announces dark fantasy FPS Unbroken

Gare – Wednesday, April 19, 2023 3:50 PM
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Developer MGP Studios (Project Downfall) have announced Unbroken, a first-person FPS with a delightfully dark, brooding look to it. Visually inspired by titles like Bloodborne and Castlevania, Unbroken gives you a simple task: venture into the northern lands of Crests Edge and bring a certain traitor to justice at all costs. The game mixes visceral, in-your-face combat with RPG and roguelite elements to keep you on your toes during your quest, and will feature an elaborate destruction system, as well as special items one can use to induce temporary bullet time – because who doesn’t love bullet time, am I right? In any case, here’s a trailer if you’re curious how the above will look in action:

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