Primordia devs return with a new point & click adventure called Strangeland

Gare – Wednesday, March 21, 2018 9:20 AM
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Wormwood Studios, the team behind 2012’s point and click adventure Primordia, is back with a new game called Strangeland. The project looks visually familiar to its predecessor and will take players on a journey across a twisted carnival – you can check out the announcement trailer below:

And in case you’re in the mood to read up a bit on Primordia, have a look at our article discussing adventure games of recent years, where we drew the following conclusion about the game:

„Ultimately though, Primordia is still a fairly deep, charming and often genuinely amusing adventure. Despite not being a masterpiece, it still manages to moderately satisfy with its uniquely dark atmosphere and likable characters, which is more than what many other titles in the genre can boast of.”

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