Post-apocalyptic settlement builder Endzone – A World Apart will launch in Early Access next month

Gare – Monday, March 23, 2020 4:11 PM
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If you’ve ever wanted to build your own post-apocalyptic settlement, Endzone – A World Apart will let you do just that once it launches via Early Access on April 2. In Endzone, the world succumbed to a nuclear catastrophe, resulting in mankind being forced to live in underground shelters for a good 150 years – but now, people are slowly coming back up to reclaim the surface, and it’s your job to lead your very own settlement in this extremely hostile new world. From resource gathering to infrastructure building, you’ll have plenty of tasks laid out before you, and that’s not even mentioning the various environmental hazards such as radiation, contaminated rain and more. Here’s a trailer to give you the basics:

It’s also worth noting that pre-ordering the game now will grant you immediate access to its closed beta.


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