Post-apocalyptic action RPG AI Limit announced

Gare – Monday, January 22, 2024 7:37 PM
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Developer Sense Games and publisher CE-Asia have announced AI Limit, a futuristic sci-fi action RPG set in a desolate world. According to the story, the artificial ecosystem of the world mysteriously collapsed, leading to various natural disasters and wars to almost completely destroy civilization – centuries passed, and due to a strange substance called the Mud, monsters also began to infest the world. This is more or less where you come into the picture: in the role of Arrisa the Blader, an artificially created life form capable of endlessly regenerating herself after death, players will explore this post-apocalyptic land as they search for answers and attempt to repair a broken world. Now, if you’ve watched the game’s official trailer and had a look at its screenshots, you will have realized that this will include lots of Soulslike action, with crafty enemies and creative bosses to encounter, as well as numerous different skills and weapons to master – and honestly, it’s all looking very promising. So, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you should most definitely check it out below:

AI Limit will be launching later this year for PC and PlayStation 5.

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