Point & click adventure game Intruder In Antiquonia gets July 8 release date

Gare – Monday, June 6, 2022 11:54 AM
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Developer Aruma Studios has announced a July 8 release date for their upcoming point & click adventure game Intruder In Antiquonia. Set in the modern day, the game stars a young woman by the name of Sarah who curiously finds herself waking up near the road to the titular town of Antiquonia – the thing is, she’s also suffering from amnesia. Your next step is clear: figure out what happened to you, why you’re here and what’s generally going on; the only problem is the town itself, which seems to completely reject the internet. Described as a mystery drama, the game will offer plenty of puzzles to solve as you shed some much-needed light on the secrets of this oddly internet-hostile town and uncover the reasons for Sarah’s amnesia. Here’s a recent trailer:

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