Point & click adventure Thimbleweed Park gets a release date

Gare – Monday, February 27, 2017 9:41 PM
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And a Steam page as well, but that’s fairly old news. Either way, this retro-looking point and click adventure from Monkey Island masterminds Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick will take you to the town of the titular Thimbleweed Park, where apparently “a dead body is the least of your problems”. Sounds good to me. Told through the perspective of five different characters (including a clown and a ghost), Thimbleweed Park will offer a neo-noir mystery with plenty of puzzle-solving, exploration (but not the walking simulator kind), and – of course – a generous helping humor. And it’s coming out on March 30! That’s pretty soon.

You’ll be able to play Thimbleweed Park on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One, with more platforms to come later on.

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