PlayStation 4 – the knowledge of the new generation – most important facts

Gare – Sunday, November 24, 2013 4:55 PM
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We're about the enter the new generation of consoles, and with it, comes Sony's latest machine, the PlayStation 4. Here are the most important facts we've learned of the PS4 so far.

Inside the box

The PS4 will be powered by an AMD Jaguar processor, while its GPU is provided by AMD's Radeon technology, all with 8 gigabytes of unified memory. Much like its predecessor, the fourth PlayStation will ship with a Bluray/DVD drive. WiFi, Ethernet and USB 3.0 are all confirmed, along with a starting hard drive of 500 gigabytes that can later be upgraded.

The console sports a brand new DualShock 4 controller that comes with its own touchpad (which is also a pressable button in itself), to its left and right are the Share and Options buttons, respectively. The PlayStation button is located in the middle, between the two analogue sticks. With the controller's Share button, players will be able to instantly share video footage of their current play sessions, with footage that is recorded automatically and in real-time using the last few minutes of the user's gameplay. The controller itself will haveUSB and headset sockets, as well as a color-changing LED light, which will communicate minor information to the player (who we are playing with currently, etc.)

Playing the game and downloading it at the same time

According to Sony, users will be able to begin paying their game as it is still downloading, thus shortening or outright eliminating unnecessary waiting times. PS4 games will be available to be played on a PS Vita screen via the brand new Remote Play streaming service. In addition, the console fully supports smartphones and tablets, utilizing them as a second screen. Sony's „Video Unlimited” service will allow customers on launch day to use their consoles in order to stream over 150.000 movies and TV shows onto their screens. The PS4 will also be able to update and download content constantly in the background, even while we're playing a game.

Dynamic interface

In terms of the console's user interface, Sony announced that the new PlayStation Dynamic Menu will take the place of the PS3's XrossMediaBar. Emphasis is being put on the PS4's social features: the new interface will be centered around messaging, content- and video sharing: players will be able to share their gameplay footage through the streaming services of Twitch and Ustream. Sony will furthermore allow customers to gain full access to all their digitally purchased games on any particular PlayStation 4, giving the console a certain PC (more specifically, Steam-like) flavor in the grand scheme of things. We can, regardless, select one console as our home machine, which can then be used to always access all of our content, including our PlayStation Plus membership (this time around, however, the service will be required to access online multiplayer), which can directly be carried over from PS3 to PS4; in addition, using the streaming service provided by Gaikai, players will be able to access a number of titles from the old PS3 library. The new dynamic interface will make it possible to instantly pause a game and switch over to any other app or service in the background, after which we can still resume play right where we left off. Accessing the PlayStation Plus service will cost roughly $4/month, or $50/year.


Right now over 140 titles are being developed for the PlayStation 4, some of the more hard-hitting exclusives being Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son, but the console will include a great number of AAA multiplatform releases such as Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Final Fantasy XV and even the PC fan-favorite Minecraft. The PS4 comes region free, which is joyful news – publishers, however, will have the option to region lock their particular titles. Whether such practices become a new trend or not, only time will tell.


The PlayStation 4 is expected to ship on November 15 (US) and November 29 (Europe), with a starting price point of$399 (US) and €399 (Europe).


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