Pixel art adventure game Verne: The Shape of Fantasy launches this August

Gare – Thursday, August 3, 2023 7:41 PM
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Verne: The Shape of FantasyPlatform: Windows, macOSGenre: AdventureDeveloper: GametopiaPublisher: Assemble EntertainmentRelease: 08/14/2023Developer Gametopia and publisher Assemble Entertainment have revealed an August 14 release date for Verne: The Shape of Fantasy, a pixel art adventure game that will invite players to explore the fantastic mind   of Jules Verne as they uncover the secrets of Atlantis. In the role of Verne himself, you’ll go on a journey alongside Captain Nemo and brave countless dangers – however, the famed author has an ace up his sleeve in the form of the IMAG, an ancient Atlantean device capable of rewriting history itself and thus shaping Verne’s fate. As noted above, the game will be available on August 14, but those itching for a quick taste of the adventure can also download a playable demo via Steam.

Here’s a brief teaser trailer:

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