Pale Blue – even "evil" has a story to tell

Gare – Tuesday, May 27, 2014 9:08 AM
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The game industry has told the tale of valiant heroes time and again – determined warriors fighting to save mankind, eradicating all the monsters and all the evil that dare stand in their way: because, as we know, good always prevails. Not this time, says Tinker Games, an Indonesian development studio that now aims to take a look at the other side of the coin in their upcoming 2D side-scroller action game titled Pale Blue, where players control not the heroes, but the monsters. In Pale Blue, a massive corporation called COCOON decides that humanity has plagued the world long enough and is beyond redemption – however, in order to create the new world they long for, the old order has to be wiped out first. This is where *you* come into the picture, the monstrous result of COCOON’s latest research project. Taking on the role of an elite killing machine in service of the company, you embark on your quest to destroy the world itself and eliminate the heroes that would stand in your way – the project came to be known as Pale Blue.

So what we have here so far is a classic side-scrolling action game with a story that will heavily question the established “good vs evil” morality already laid down in similar titles. In Pale Blue, players will be able to control three different characters depending on where they are in the story – all three will have their own abilities and consequently, their own unique play styles to experiment with, be it combat or stealth.A variety of different game modes will also blend during the story, ranging from classic, linear dungeon runs to semi-free exploration or even tower defense. As we eliminate our enemies and proceed further in the game, we’ll also earn so-called DNA point that can then be spent in order to acquire new skills and further evolve our monstrous characters. The game is quite charming with a distinct, Asian visual style; its world, set in the far future, delivers a very crisp sci-fi look. One more tidbit that will no doubt interest would-be players is what I can only assume will be some sort of a morality system: according to the developers, the story might change in certain ways depending on the player’s choices. Spare a boss’ life or mercilessly eliminate him? Destroy an entire city or restrain yourself in order to cause as little destruction as possible? What choices you make during the adventure will also affect the finale and the ending you ultimately get – this, I imagine, will neatly fit into the major themes of the story regarding good, evil and the fate of mankind.

Pale Blue is currently still in the initial phase of its Kickstarter campaign. If the project is successfully funded, you can expect to see it sometime in 2015, launching primarily on PC.


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