Open world murder mystery game Paradise Killer is getting an enhanced edition next week

Gare – Monday, March 7, 2022 3:45 PM
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Paradise Killer, Kaizen Game Works’ intriguingly bizarre murder mystery game, is getting a new update with enhanced features on March 16 – what’s more, it’s launching on both Xbox and PlayStation as well while introducing brand-new features and content on all platforms. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, new players can expect 4K/60 FPS visuals, ray tracing, faster load times and much more, but every platform (including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch) will get a host of additional content as well, such as new music, new quests and extra collectibles, just to name a few.

Paradise Killer takes place in a world unlike any other: a dreamlike paradise that regenerates every few millennia. Before the world can be reborn, however, its council is viciously murdered, and it’s up to protagonist Lady Love Dies to solve the case and drag the truth into the light. Speculate, gather clues and accuse anyone – but make sure you can actually build a convincing case against them when you do. Here’s a trailer:

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