Open world detective/stealth game Shadows of Doubt gets first official gameplay trailer

Gare – Tuesday, November 22, 2022 4:44 PM
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Shadows of Doubt, a fascinating, open world detective game from developer ColePowered Games, has received its first official gameplay trailer. Set in a seedy noir metropolis of crime and corruption, Shadows of Doubt will let you explore procedurally-generated streets as you pursue suspects, gather information and use your various gadgets to your advantage. According to its creators, the game will offer a vast amount of freedom to players, allowing them to explore every last inch of a city, from bars to hotels to apartment rooms – meanwhile, the cities themselves will be fully simulated, with residents all having their own schedules and daily lives that will progress independently of you. Watch the aforementioned trailer below:

Shadows of Doubt will be launching in early 2023.

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