One-hit-kill sword fighting game Die by the Blade explains its mechanics in a new gameplay video

Gare – Tuesday, November 10, 2020 5:03 PM
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Developers Triple Hill Interactive and Toko Midori, along with publisher Grindstone, have revealed a brand-new gameplay video for Die by the Blade in hopes of offering an in-depth explanation for the ambitious sword fighting game’s fundamental mechanics. Inspired in large part by genre classics such as Bushido Blade and Way of the Samurai, Die by the Blade is a 1v1 fighting game employing a “one hit kill” system that demands precise parries and well-timed dodges from each player, lest they face lethal consequences. The freshly released gameplay footage is almost 11 minutes in length and teaches you all you need to know about things like stances, combos, feinting and much more. Have a look below:

Die by the Blade is scheduled to launch on PC and consoles in 2021.


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