Of food and fighting – Battle Chef Brigade is out now on PC and Switch

Gare – Wednesday, November 22, 2017 12:41 AM
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Kickstarted all the way back in 2014, Battle Chef Brigade was a game I looked at with much curiosity – the peculiar combination of brawling and cooking, alongside the charming, cartoon-like art style all painted the picture of a game with promise. Three years later, it’s now finally out. Whisking you away to the world of Victusia, Battle Chef Brigade follows the stories of two playable chefs who aim for the top spot in a cooking tournament – you battle monsters, slice them up to tiny bits, then cook ‘em up into delicious meals to impress the judges.

Battle Chef Brigade is ready to whet your appetite on Steam and Nintendo Switch right now, with the PlayStation 4 version arriving at a later date. Here’s a trailer:

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