Nosgoth closes its doors for good

Gare – Tuesday, April 12, 2016 12:29 PM
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NosgothPlatform: PCGenre: ActionPsyonix’s new entry in the Legacy of Kain series wasn’t exactly what most people expected – the game, titled Nosgoth, was an online multiplayer third-person shooter where teams of vampires and humans would compete against each other. We gave it a shot back in 2014 – during the game’s early days – and thought it was quite alright, wondering what the future would hold for the title. Sadly, we won’t get an answer to that question, as Square Enix recently revealed the closure of Nosgoth: its service will be permanently halted and the game’s servers will be taken offline for good come May 31, 2016. Furthermore, all purchases made after March 1 will be automatically refunded, the announcement revealed.


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