Nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis comes to Early Access on March 26

Gare – Wednesday, March 25, 2020 3:12 PM
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Developer Donkey Crew’s nomadic survival MMO, Last Oasis, will be coming to Early Access on March 26 – what’s more, it’ll be available with a modest discount at launch, bringing its price down from $29.99 to $24.89 until April 2. Last Oasis takes place in a world where the Earth’s rotation has stopped and the planet has been split into two wildly different climates – one ruled by the scorching sun, and another characterized by ice and freezing temperatures. As nomadic survivors, you have to find habitable areas – oases – between the two halves and be constantly on the move by utilizing unique mobile bases called “walkers”. The game offers a large, MMO-sized world of interconnected areas, opportunities to scavenge, trade, or build bases, and even includes safe areas for you to log out and be protected from offline raids. Oh, and there are massive sand worms. In case you were feeling too safe.

As previously noted, March 26 is merely the Early Access launch date – in the coming months, developer Donkey Crew aims to gradually add more and more features to the game, including additional customization options, new PvP/PvE content and so on.

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