New Amnesia game called Amnesia: The Bunker announced, will be semi-open world

Gare – Friday, December 2, 2022 4:50 PM
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Frictional Games, the development team known primarily for SOMA and the popular Amnesia series, have revealed Amnesia: The Bunker, the latest addition to their ever-growing horror franchise. Set in a creepy World War 1 bunker and starring an amnesiac French soldier, the game will introduce some relatively major changes to the established formula: namely, the addition of combat (as you’ll notice, you do have a revolver now), as well as a semi-open world where most scares aren’t scripted and players are given far more freedom in terms of overcoming challenges. Don’t worry, though – the tried-and-true Amnesia tradition of being stalked and hunted by a supernatural monster all throughout the adventure will remain very much intact. Here’s the announcement trailer:

Amnesia: The Bunker will be launching for PC and consoles in March 2023.

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