New Ace Attorney title coming

Gare – Tuesday, April 29, 2014 3:59 PM
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A new Ace Attorney is currently in the works: at present, we only know that it’s going to be called Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) and, unlike previous installments in the popular adventure game series, this one flies a good 100 years into the past, all the way back to Japan during the years of the Meiji Restoration. Not much else is known of the title yet, we can, however, confirm that series creator Shu Takumi is going to be returning as lead writer – the latest entry in the series, released just last year, was created with little to no involvement from him. The Great Ace Attorney, much like the game preceding it, will also be developed primarily for the 3DS.

We currently have no word on either a specific release date or a potential Western localization.

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