Necropolis up for pre-order, will release this March

Gare – Tuesday, February 9, 2016 9:46 AM
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Last time we talked about Necropolis, it was back at the end of 2014, and we introduced it as a challenging, dungeon crawler roguelike from Harebrained Schemes, the developers behind the Shadowrun Returns series. And do take the challenge quite seriously, as Harebrained is very much adamant in its belief that as our heroes – plural, as the game will support up to 4 player co-op – explore its infernal, procedurally generated labyrinth, they will die. A lot, in fact – that’s just how things work around here, apparently.

Back then, Harebrained promised a 2016 launch, a promise they very much intend to keep. The game is currently up for pre-order on Steam: those who do will be awarded with a free copy of the soundtrack. Necropolis is due out this spring – on March 17 – for PC.

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